Milos has always been considered a very wealthy island, with plenty of real estate offers. It has been visited throughout the years by many tourists from different backgrounds and various nationalities. Lately, many real estate "hunters" have been considering buying property in the Cyclades island. Interest was shown mainly by Italian visitors, that keep going to the island over and over again. Various reliable, real estate agents in Milos are available to assist every person interested in any kind of real estate transaction that concerns the island.

A long time ago, Milos prospered from its great wealth of minerals.

It has been inhabited starting from the Neolithic age which is 7000 B.C. and since developed a lot more faster than the close by islands because of the glass-like black volcanic rock named obsidian.

This rock was taken advantage by the people of Milos to make weapons and useful tools.

The Catacombs in Milos made out of volcanic tufa, (a type of rock that is soft), they make a spectacular early Christian valuable monument, which points that Christianity itself was established on Milos island by the 1st century. This fine Ross theory would surely look valid, since Milos commerce during this time period was promising, both with the Romans and the rest of the obvious world, according to Pliny and Livy.

Worried about how to get to Milos island? Well, you can get their by air of course.

You can catch a flight from Athens to Milos every day. However, there are much more flights available during high season which is usually from May all the way to October. Flight time is approximately half an hour

The closest city to the Milos Airport is Adamas.

Milos, the island of colors, is geographically placed (by the gods) in the deep blue seas of the Aegean.

The island hosts many mind relaxing hotels in the Greek Cyclades area bathed in radiant sunlight and garnished with small white houses. Milos, is the place with the most hospitable islanders. It is well organized for all tourists and visitors with clear water beaches and magnificent monuments with a great historical value. Milos, surely steals your heart from the very first visit.

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